Yesterday is all a haze. Or, was it last week? Last month? You don’t remember, exactly, but you woke up here, in this black room. With these people.

What they tell you seems madness at first, but after a while, you realize it is more than real. You are being watched and rated, you are being judged by beings, people, that hold your fates in their hands. You are locked inside this prison, at the mercy of these anonymous figures.

Inside, a peculiar society has formed, spurred on by an ever-adjusted board of ratings displayed on one of the walls. Slowly, you slip into their way of life and without realizing it, you have become one of them.


Inspired by the movie Cube, the tv-series Black Mirror and the tv-series the OA comes a larp from Ariadne’s Red Thread, set in the same universe as The Solution in 2016.

It is a larp about an isolated, cultic existence inside a black room. It is a larp about psychological pressure, tests and obedience, about closeness and the struggle to impress.

If you want to explore these things, if you have ever wondered how you would behave, how you would act in a world so different from our own, then read on.

The larp has taken place

Thank you to everyone involved! We had a great time, and our players truly made the World come alive.

Here is the list of credits:

Carl Nordblom, Main organizer, Aesthetics, Practical, Workshops
Simon Svensson, Main organizer, Game design, Writing, GM

Anna-Lisa Muckas Gustavsson, Character writing & coordination
Petra Lindve, Food, GM, Rituals, Workshops, Character writing
Stefan Lunneborg, NPCs, GM, Workshops

Johan Ahlsten, character writing
Filip Andreasson, on site, NPC, practical
Elvira Andemore, on site, NPC, practical
Elaine Boström, on site, NPC, practical
Christer Edvardsson, practical
Sara Ekvall, on site, NPC, practical
Midde Näregård, on site, NPC, practical
Sagalinn Leo Tangen, practical

Simon Kölle, music
Sebastian Utbult, coding