When: June 16-18, 2017
Where: Gothenburg, Sweden
Venue: 3:e Våningen. Same areas that were used in ”Do Androids Dream?” will be used for this larp. It is a large blackbox along with a rather large white room and some smaller chambers.

3:e Våningen
Sockerbruket 9
414 51 Göteborg

More on how to get there can be found here:

Sign-up: Is open! After the initial sign up period, it is now first come, first serve. There are still a small number of spots. You can find it here!
Number of participants: 40 players.
Price range: We have decided to use a varied payment plan, where everyone pays what they can afford, from a minimum level and upwards.

The lowest price will be 500 SEK / 55 euro, going up to 1200 SEK / 130 euro per player, for those who want to sponsor us.

We will be able to run the larp even if everyone pays the minimum, but with minimal aesthetics. If everyone pays the standard, 700, we will be able to invest some into the scenography and cool things, while at 1200, we are supported as an organization and will invest in anything cool (that suits the larp) that we can think of.


We will give everyone three days to sign up. After that, we will cast the players for the game. Most will receive their spots through a lottery but we reserve the right to prioritize according to what we feel will create the best experience for everyone.

Language: English
Minimum age: 18

Contact: – you can also reach us on Facebook at


Friday, 16th

19:00 – Workshop starts.
24:00 – Workshop ends for the night.

Saturday, 17th:
09:00 – Workshop starts.
10:30 – Last preparations start.
12:00 – Play starts

Sunday, 17th:
12:00 – Play ends
12:00 – 14:00 – Debrief

Sleeping:Both nights are spent on location. It will be be possible to sleep in relative comfort on some kind of soft surface/mattress. There will be some variation on the qualities of these – If you want to ensure that you will sleep better, bring your own sleeping mattress as well as white linens to cover them with. We do not want air mattresses present in-game.



  • A fully immersive environment inside the black box.
  • Technically reinforced reality through surveillance, ratings and video logs.
  • Transparent characters with the memories from their lives before specified by us.
  • Several landscapes of sounds, lights and moods that fit the genre.
  • In-game thematic food.
  • Practical workshops to calibrate society and a structured debrief.


  • Fully commit to a cultic lifestyle
  • Obey the overseers. This is not a larp about rebellion.
  • Follow a sexuality based on how highly rated your prospective partners are, not their gender.
  • Be rated according to your obedience and your social contacts.
  • Record video-blogs and messages to the overseers.
  • Rat out those you don’t like if you see them do something wrong.
  • Try to find meaning or pleasure in the restricted setting.
  • Be subjected to morality tests, cooperation tests or other psychological experiments.


  • Show up on time for the workshops and the game.
  • Bring clothes that are white or light grey/beige that conform to the aesthetics.
  • Commit to the fiction and really try to live as if this was your reality.
  • Be ready to explore your own comfort zone and it’s edges.
  • Report on the other characters so the rating system works.
  • Take responsibility for your own play and safety. Know yourself and your limits so others can be safe when playing with you.
  • Be comfortable in your underwear among other people. Sleeping will be done in some kind of underwear, and everyone will rise at the same time.


This larp will use a variant of Ars Amandi to simulate sexual contact. It is up to each player where their boundaries go, but if nothing has been stated or communicated, arms, neck and shoulders are the limits of sensual contact. Real sex will not be present in the larp. It is detailed here: in it’s original variant.

We will use a simple tap-out technique for opting out. It can be used physically or verbally. We will also use a check-in, if you want to make sure that everyone involved is fine with proceeding.

This larp is a mature larp that involves themes that can be difficult or uncomfortable. Make sure to read through all the content and themes so you are certain that this larp is for you.


Apart from the technique for sex described above, we might settle on a meta-technique for violence. This will be described later on in that case, or at the workshops.

We will also use a meta-technique for monologues and inner reflection, as well as a technique for reporting the truth to the overseers on a meta-level, so we can create the feeling of the overseers always being aware, always watching, in a way that our surveillance cannot replicate.